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he/her/hers // she/him/his

click 4 art

i havent rewatched mlp in years still but heres a pony i drew out of boredom

entrapta from an old falling apart diary i found

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Steven universe stuff

Sorry for not posting for so long folks ! Been kinda busy with life in general, take these pretty rocks as tribute

i like their art

i would MUCH rather a tv show have a vulnerable autistic character who needs support (you know, like they do in real life) than have a tv show tell me that this character is a horrible person for having symptoms

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*fuckngi getz u*

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lapis screenshot redraw 🌊

Some Spinel for the soul

Feel free to use these as wallpapers or whatever! : ) Just uhhhh please ask permission and credit me if you wanna repost em! (I don't know if waterfall has DMs? So if it doesn't you can ask me on my insta @Electro.sweaters.arts or on my tumblr which is also electro-sweaters)

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i love her...

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Pink Diamond has a Message!

did anyone else see the SU movie the other day?? it was AMAZING! I've had the album on repeat for days haha

Pink's hair is dark in this because i wanted it to be, ive always wanted her to have darker hair... plus its easier to shade/highlight

Made in Medibang Paint

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Digital doodles - doodleboogle

Im not ready for Steven universe to be over anytime soon :)

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forgot to post the rose quartz i drew a while ago

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Change your mind doodles - doodleboogle

Really really really old ass drawings from when cym came out, enjoy !

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dear diary i recently realized that i really can draw whatever i want and no one can stop me

(id under the cut)

(Waist-up drawing of Vibri, the main character of Vib Ribbon. She is an anthropomorhic rabbit wearing a vertically-striped dress. She is saying "I'm bi and trans!" while her arms are raised in a cheering pose. The background is pure black and the lines are white, scratchy, and geometric, mimiking the art style of the game. /end id)