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sorry for being inactive i dont have much to say xcept being crazy. ill update if anything important happens

i havent been watching all the new eps but i hope jasper comes back for more than the one she did.... shes neutral which im happy with but she still seems sad somewhere inside and i hope they dont leave her like that

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To people who are desperately asking for fundz/donations on wf/tumblr...

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use these reddit subs instead!!

Hate Reddit if you want, but using these subs are your best chance. People gather in these subs because they have charity to spare: /r/Assistance /r/legaladvice /r/RandomKindness /r/Charity /r/care /r/Random_Acts_Of_Pizza /r/Food_Pantry https://www.reddit.com/r/RandomActsOfPetFood/ https://www.reddit.com/r/RandomActsOfChristmas/ https://www.reddit.com/r/almosthomeless/ https://www.reddit.com/r/homeless

/r/freelance /r/povertyfinance /r/thrifty /r/borrow /r/gofundme

/r/depression /r/familysupport /r/transitions

I never see anyone actually getting any significant donations on tumblr/wf and to be honest, tumblr/wf is the worst place to ask for assistance. people beg for help, reblog the same post over and over, the same types of posts over and over, to no avail, when people are waiting to help you on a different part of the web.

go to where the help is

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Its been mentioned on the tumblr version of this, but a lot of these are either giving general tips about how to save money, only donate money for specific things, or require that you have a certain number of postsor been on reddit a certain length of time. Still might be helpful for some folks tho! especially if you're already active on Reddit.

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r/legaladvice is modded by cops who delete posts and comments they dont like, including any advice that suggests you take rightful legal action against the police. the sub still has something to offer but keep in mind the type of bias that is there

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https://blacksquares.bandcamp.com/track/grinding-machineyea the world would love to tear your skin off and turn it into money yeah the world would love to tell you you ever aren’t worth a pile of coins the weight of your body yeah the world would love to pay you a dollar an hour and say you aren’t worth anything yeah the world would love to drain you and chew you up and burn your bones for energy so if you can, develop strategies to not be eaten by that machine seek control in your own life and seek that power by your own means even though you’ll be told lies if you’re unemployed you still deserve to eat you deserve to have things & security & you deserve to be happy

just know its so obvious and clear a society that chooses to starve its sick and poor is ruled by fear

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can we all agree to stop calling m/f ships "straight" or "het"? it erases bi, pan and queer people whose relationships can never be accurately described as "straight", as well as certain nb and even binary trans people, all of which deserve to participate in shipping fun without lg side-eyeing their headcanons and fanworks

theres a new peridot in unleash the light (next su game)

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tumblr sucks cos ummmm someone will reply to my post and in the time im replying to them to clarify they will shit-talk me on their discord server, and then when they read my response they go 'oh that actually make sense sorry, youre right' like... u couldnt wait 30 mins?

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oh im never gonna tell them i know (an anon told me) im just gonna be nice to them. 4 gods sake were both adults tho im a lil disappointed

tumblr sucks cos ummmm someone will reply to my post and in the time im replying to them to clarify they will shit-talk me on their discord server, and then when they read my response they go 'oh that actually make sense sorry, youre right' like... u couldnt wait 30 mins?

i havent rewatched mlp in years still but heres a pony i drew out of boredom

entrapta from an old falling apart diary i found

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Steven universe stuff

Sorry for not posting for so long folks ! Been kinda busy with life in general, take these pretty rocks as tribute

ao3 is willingly and knowingly allowing c/p and non-c*n and abuse on their platform, in abundance. but ppl r like 'just block tags and ignore it its not that bad' u know thats not an argument rite. thats just a modern 'dont like dont read'

do any of your writing careers seriously depend on ao3 for exposure or are u just unwilling to change. if it does and u make a living off writing on there then i can kind of budge but for the love of god dont donate and at least make some effort to push back. and the rest of you who dont actually need it but continue to support it, pls get a spine

i hate doctors ew. psychiatry is a scam dot com

my sleeps totally backwards so im like an owl.... i sleep 9-5 every day and am up all nite. im waiting til the 18th to see a doc to see another doc to try and apply for dsp bc im a crazy bich who hasnt left my home or cleaned my clothes or house or talked to humans in months. also mb some sleep meds but tbqh i dont rly mind it, im still getting good sleep, just at the wrong time. that is what im doing this month....

dsp is complicated bc i dont want or need therapy, or regular treatment. ive done that for 5 years w no improvement, im pretty self-sufficient, just not what society wants me to be like. i hope whatever doctor i see will pull his ego-inflated head out of his butt and accept that i cant work, and i dont need his help, i just need enough money to be alive and out of everyones way

i love funny gifs and i like images and videos too