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spinel's injector from steven universe: the movie

my irl hads are weird and blobby. i have no knuckles and they look as if they wre sloppily moulded out of clay. sometimes when i pick things up my finger tendons will slip out of place over my nonexistant knuckles. its a very funny trick god has played on me

anyway here is the sketch based of ref image of my own hands (top right) and how i interpret that into a normal looking hand

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New born planet

A little something inspired in the planet created by my witch oc (posted a while back)

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*fuckngi getz u*

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ar "you" geting your da ily dose of Lynks? :-)

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lapis screenshot redraw 🌊

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lapis screenshot redraw 🌊

i swear to fucking gawd if you say queers or a queer ill eat you. queer community is bad enough alienating everyone who doesnt ID as a word that is still slung as an insult but QUEERS. ew

img by me

i redrew cos i felt like it and actually saw an image of her now

Some Spinel for the soul

Feel free to use these as wallpapers or whatever! : ) Just uhhhh please ask permission and credit me if you wanna repost em! (I don't know if waterfall has DMs? So if it doesn't you can ask me on my insta @Electro.sweaters.arts or on my tumblr which is also electro-sweaters)

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i love her...

i dont feel mean or anything i had an ok day. came back to this stunning realization that i hate the internet

i might be psychotic rn but im not feeling it

like the word community is just rank to me now. i do not want to join. i want to be myself. to the point where if i say im ace you will tack it on infront of my lesbian identity when i never asked you to. cuz all that matters is that im acearo and a lesbian and nonbinary and not that im a person. you do this to famous people too. its fine to like trans and gay artists and to feel safe knowing they are trans and gay but there are youtubers and whatever who explicitly dont make it public that theyre trans and you will go subscribe to this trans icon uwu effectively outing them. you dont care about the person you just say shit for this fake community. get a hobby

community is good probably dont listen to me

i never liked being a part of a community. like its probably asociality but i hated being thought of as One of Them for being gay, trans, nd, or even fandom. like no. yes im a lesbian and im proud and i love to show my colors but i dont know who the fuck any of those others are. im not One of Them. im A lesbian. A for ALONE. just ONE lesbian. and im very proud of being a lesbian and being nonbinary and being who i am. i think the lgbt movement and a push for rights and acceptance and revolution is a great thing to be a part of. but idk any of those other people. i like that they are not cishet too. but we are not friends for that. we r just fighting together. and thats it. i will help you for that. only.

communities will manipulate each other into doing things for the sake of The community. its horrible especially for kids. you be proud and vocal and never shut up about who you are but ththat other gay person is just that. some person